Thursday, April 3, 2014

What I Want To Do Today

What I really want to do today is to show you my finished knitting.  But disappointment of a first world magnitude follows me.  I cannot show you my finished knitting because it is not finished. 
It is not finished because the water has not finished coming into our basement. 

We have learned though that the leak is caused by hydrostatic pressure.  In English that means too much ground water.  The ground cannot hold  all the water  so it goes somewhere else.  All this caused by the fierce winter. We have also learned that the insurance will not cover it because nothing broke. That is no pipes burst or no sump pump failed.  The town is not interested in checking their drainage pipes for possible blockages because they are so extremely confident in the quality of their pipes that they won't even come to look.  As Fred said "We are on our own."  I'm Canadian.  I guess I expected the government to look after this problem.

Anyway, we are still bailing and mopping.  This morning Fred has started to remove the flooring in room #1.  And being his support staff, I have done little knitting. 

The project I wam working on is a quick knit vest.
Knit with Knitca's bulky Wool Slub. 
A bright multi-coloured roving kind of yarn. 

Normally, a weekend knit I would expect, this one is now on day 7.  I return to it when I need moments of sanity.  Dry sanity.


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh nooooo! (A comment on the water and basement situation not the sweater!)

Sandra said...

I hate it when towns think they're perfect. If they checked now and found a small problem, wouldn't that be better than waiting until it becomes a BIG problem?
And I love the rainbow...

Sigrun said...

Soo sorry that you have this problem. Is your weeping tile plugged up?

Jan said...

Darn insurance companies! Our problems aren't being covered either GRRRRRR....