Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring - Inside And Out

With my flood vest finished (and worn twice, I might add) I told myself that it was time to put away the wool and get out the cotton.  Enough of that winter knitting. I wanted  needed something that said spring.

Like my fellow knitters at knit group, I walked past the bags of queued yarn in my stash and went instead for the latest acquisition.  This lovely yarn picked up at our Stash Swap. 
This yarn was donated by Barbara, the previous owner of our 100 Mile Market.  You might remember her as the 100 Mile Miss who requested a pair of  Briggs & Little Tuffy work socks.

It was always my understanding that she didnt' knit.  Or at least didn't knit much.  But come our Stash Swap, Barbara sent in a lot of unwanted yarn. I snatched this gorgeous lot.  About 15 balls altogether. 
Won't it be nice with a black summer skirt?  Or a white summer skirt?  Or a brown summer skirt?  I see lots of new skirts in my future.

Since the yarn is glorious in itself, I felt the pattern needed no further lace or stitch enhancements.  With that in mind,  I  selected a free ravelry pattern for  a basic, top-down, raglan-sleeved summer cardi with a border of two rows of attached I Cord.
 One row contrasts, while the outside row returns to the main colour.  A perfect use for this yarn, I feel.

With this  much complete after a day of knitting, this little summer piece will most likely be finished before the weather makes it wearable.

Although, I could be wrong.  Look what has sprouted in my garden.
 Have a great weekend everyone.

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