Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flood Relief

Flood Relief.  Not the kind that the insurance companies or government agencies  cover but flood relief nonetheless.

Speaking of insurance companies, my Montreal niece works for an insurance company as an Actuary. That means she is a statistician who studies risk assessment issues for the company.  She tells me that Canada is the only one of the G7 countries that does not provide 'overland flooding' insurance.  As she said - "Think how disappointed the people in Alberta were last summer." 

Today, we are getting our own flood protection.  Despite knowing that in the 8 years we have lived here there has never been water until this frigid winter  and,  despite our belief that in the 39 years of the house's life the basement has never before flooded, we felt we had to do something.  Something to ease our uneasiness not to mention that of future buyers.  We are putting in  a sump pump.

 The worker.

The helper.

Now, fully dug and no water in sight.  How about that!


Sigrun said...

You are just working with Murphy's Law: sump pump--no water, ever....

Needles said...

We put one in a few years ago. It has never been wet simce!

Anonymous said...

Gina said: I thought the compressor on my fridge was on its last legs (if it has a compressor?! ...seems I've heard folk run into that kind of expensive problem). But no, my fridge was was the sump pump I was hearing - running every few minutes. Sure is getting a work out!
Happy Easter and long weekend, Brenda!!

Unknown said...

It's really important to be prepared for situations such as floods. I’m glad you did something about your predicament. Although you’ve never been flooded before, being proactive about the possibility of such circumstance is better than spending a lot for replacements and renovations. Anyway, thanks for sharing that, Brenda! Have a great day!

Gail Wallace @ Southern California Water Damage Pros