Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Retreating from my wet basement - Thank you Fred - I spent a wonderfully dry time at knit group.  

Carol was here for the first time since her winter in Florida.  Sporting a tan and free of all the struggles of our Georgian Bay winter.  Welcome back, Carol.

Deana's Diagonal, knit in Paton's Lace, is changing colours at the most appropriate places. Looks great, Deana.

Sitting beside Gail's ongoing diagonal  scarf, also in Patons Lace, are two hats she knit this week.  The one closest to you, has some fancy, fluffy stripes .  Yarn she picked up last week in our great, yarn give-away.  

Remember that multi-stitch vest Jean was knitting?  The one I thought would take (me) forever to finish?  She's got it done.  A work of love for sure, Jean.

Wilma's original Olympic project, Cabin Fever's Sarah, is almost finished.  The body is done, sleeve number one is done.  Just the second sleeve and the zipper to do.  It is lovely. 

Wilma knit size small and is very happy with the fit.  A fit with less ease than C.F. recommends. 

Ruth is knitting socks for a grand daughter with yarn she picked up last Thursday.  (Such a great idea you had, Nan.)   These socks are going to Janessa.  Like Vanessa but with a 'J' said Ruth.

I had to knit lots this afternoon to ease my guilty conscience at leaving Fred alone to deal with our water problem.  He now has the best of all our drying solutions.  He uses the shop vac to suck up the water, pours the water into a five gallon bucket, which has the submersible motor in it that we normally use to empty the hot tub and pumps the flood water directly into the basement shower.  No more carrying of buckets.  Smart man.

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ES said...

I love the patons lace scarves :)