Monday, April 28, 2014

Almost Chanel

The fabric and style of my latest FO - or almost FO - reminds me of Chanel fashion.  To me the fabric says 'lady of a certain age and certain social statra'.  Combine that with the simple style, accented by the black trim and the entire combo, to me, says Chanel.  Certainly, being planets apart from 'that' social strata,  it is most likely the closest I"ll ever come to the real thing. 

The yarn for this little cardi came from the stash swap at knit group a few weeks back.  I started it once, was down past the great divide of sleeves and body, then realized that I had misread my gauge.  By a lot.  I had to rip and re-do but now,  except for the weaving in of a few ends, it  is  done.

Just in time too, as Wednesday, I leave on a grand adventure.  I am helping  Shelridge Yarns with their booth at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  Will they let me into the Sheep & Wool Festival  wearing a cotton/viscose  cardi?  I'm about to find out.  Details and modelled shots of my Chanel tomorrow.


Sandra said...

Pretty! Enjoy Maryland - bet it will be a blast - we missed you at the Frolic!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh how fun to go to Maryland! Can't wait to read all about it!

Christy J said...

Lucky you! And you will look elegant even sans wool.

Re your comment on my afghan, there is a chain loop held up by a single crochet between the trios of double crochet. It's quite easy.

Brendaknits said...

Thanks, Christy. That makes perfect sense to me now. It was a great pattern.