Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Whole Truth

When I said, yesterday, that I put Elizabeth Zimmermann's 50th anniversary cardi aside to knit Dorothy socks, it wasn't quite the whole truth. Then I blamed the heat wave - but that too wasn't the whole truth.

Truth is, I'm scared. You see, I am just a few rows shy of starting the yoke pattern.
The yoke that I want to be more necklace-like than deep chested. That means, math is required. As I mentioned last week, I can calculate the math knowing my row gauge. Indeed, Meg Swansen herself has done something similar with her 50th Anniversary sweater. She says "I wanted a shallower yoke pattern, so I eliminated 8 rounds of the chart ....but still fit the truncated chart into a 9 1/2 " yoke with the 16 plain rounds preceding it."

So I know it can be done. But with my row gauge and shallow yoke, I have 30 rows, not 16, preceding the pattern. Not that it matters to style, but will it matter to shaping?

The first decrease in the yoke chart appears at row 27. And - - row 27 of the yoke pattern occurs 37 rows from the body/sleeve join. Something Elizabeth had figured out, I'm sure, to make the body bulk disappear in a timely fashion to create a good-fitting yoke.

But with my additional 30 rows, will the fit still be good? It should - if we I depend only on math. But sometimes the knitting gods don't adhere to the same mathematical rules. That is why I'm scared.

I mean, I trust Elizabeth, it's me that I worry about.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Gosh! I haven't ever made a yoke like that, let alone have a clue about altering it. My intrepid-ness usually manifests itself in charging through what I "think" will work, ripping back, and making adjustments the second time. I love knitting, because the yarn is resilient and can be used over.
Good luck! I'm behind you all the way...just wish I could hold your hand!

Needles said...

Yes. It will. The shaping is a classic pi shaping. There is a lot of flexibility in where the shaping units go.

And, if it helps, think of it as a modified raglan. Just 8 little stitches every second round to decrease for a perfect fit works on those. This is just a variation of that theme.

It is going to fit beautifully.