Friday, August 20, 2010

The Good And The Inevitable

One great thing about coming home is the mail. Especially because, just before leaving, I had ordered a new knitting book.
Not that I spin, but I'm a sucker for small project patterns. This is a lovely book -published by Interweave Press and edited by Amy Clarke Moore, the editor of Spin-Off magazine.

There are, of course, the expected shawls, scarves and socks. But there is also some really 'cool' baby stuff: A wee jacket which zips up the back, a tiny Andean-style poncho and these.
It amazes me that young moms use wool diaper-toppers, but they do. We've had several at the store looking for organic wool to knit these soakers. Me, I was of the era of, and still a truster of rubber pants.

The book has some wonderful hat and mitten patterns.
This one being 'fake' isle using black and variegated to create the pattern.

And these fantastic gauntlet cuff mittens.
Gauntlet cuffs, seem to me, to be the answer to dressing in the 'requires-no-thinking' order. Coat first, then mittens. That could be just me, but a ribbed cuff mitten, to keep the wrist covered, needs to be put on before the coat. Who remembers to do that? And if you do remember, who can button their coat with mittens on?

Naturally, the world needs balance. Too much of a good thing would get boring! And if you believe that stay away from Alaskan freezer salespeople.

My balance is this. One knitting book and many, many of these.
Back to real life!!


Needles said...

Oh I know what you mean...Sigh. But the knitting book surely has to help.

And I would fly if I could but I'm thinking my arms would get tired...!

OzB said...

Oh Brenda I love the look of that book!! And my knitting books far outweight my bills [blah]!

Do you have a new email address? I just emailed you and it bounced back!

Laurie said...

That book is on my Christmas list after the obligatory preview from the library. The original Homespun Handknit book has some of my favorite patterns, too. Happy knitting!