Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Done

This morning, I re-shelved my trailer yarn. 9 days at home - it's about time. The good thing about my yarn is that I have an entire room devoted to it -with a door that shuts. Out of sight out of 'I-must-get-that-done' pressure.

But Fred will be home soon and I am ever the little housewife still. Getting the place ready for the return of the 'man of the house'. (Serious therapy could definitely be required here.) So back to the shelves went all the unknit trailer yarn.

Originally, when I packed the yarn I took various and sundry balls of yarn in addition to 'kits' for 5 sweaters. Yep five! Realizing that was a bit ambitious, even for me, I left two kits home and took only three. And I knit one! The yellow cotton cardi.

Still undone is this.

The Moose Eh! cardigan by Kate Atherley. I purchased the yarn
and pattern last winter from The Purple Purl. It is a 'spoof' sweater - one that takes a laughing, light-hearted approach to the serious moose & beaver sweaters knit by previous generations.

And this one didn't get done started either.
This is Cerisara. Pronounced Cerise-ara?? (Cerise like the French word for cherry) or saree-Sarah?? or none of the above?? and designed by Bonnie Marie Burns. I purchased this pattern on line shortly before heading up to the trailer, planning on knitting it up with this yarn. A gorgeous Italian, Cotton, Viscose, Ramie blend given to me by a friend a few years back. I have been waiting for the right pattern to jump off the screen at me and Cerisara is the one. I'm pretty sure.

Neither pattern got started but I am justifying that by the fact that neither could be EZ'd very well. They will be queued up for January 2011 - after the close of my year with Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Some trailer knitting did, of course, take place. And if I wasn't' so busy tidying my yarn room, I'd show you. Tomorrow.


Vera said...

What on earth do you do with all the finished sweaters etc.!!!

Needles said...

All sweaters with moose on them ought to be considered spoof sweaters...I have the pattern for a mountain sheep just in case the moose doesn't work out. It is however, a seriously intense sheep.

Laurie said...

I can't wait to see that red yarn turned into something wonderful. And I must admit...I love anything with moose on it, serious or not.