Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helping The Economy

When at the trailer, my credit card gets a bit of a rest. Without an internet connection, temptation fades as opportunity ceases. But it doesn't take long, once back at home, for the card to start to twitch.

Simple City - a lovely shawl pattern by Eskimimi Knits was the first pattern to make the card sit up and take notice. Made with just one ball of Zauberball Sock yarn, the colours are gorgeous. Shawls of an ordinary size dwarf me, but these lovely little 'neckies' are perfect.
CH - CHING! The pattern is mine.

Even before summer vacation, I was eyeing Peasy . A lovely sweater designed by Heidi Kirmaier. The sweetheart-ish neckline, the lace work near the face and the elegant classic lines make it the perfect knit for this yarn.
The DK weight wool I won when on my 'Hate Me Now' excursion. CH - CHING! The pattern is mine.

Just doing my best to help the economy. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


LaurieM said...

Patterns are always a good investment and both of them are lovely. Happy knitting!

Laurie said...

Love both of those patterns, but I'm more likely to add the cardi to my queue. I like the little shawly thing but, even with the cool ruffle, it looks a little too much like stuff I've already made. Can't wait to see yours - it might change my mind! :-)