Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

First time back at knit group after a 6 week absence. It felt so-o-o good!

Sharon knit a lovely scarf with beaded yarn.

Since we Meaford knitters are known to recognize genius when we see it, Doreen started one too.

Bonnie, who never in her life prior to 2010 knit anything for herself, has done it again.This time, it's Bonnie by Bonnie. The Sitcom Chic Cardi designed by Bonnie Marie Burns knit by our Bonnie. That would be the same Sit Com Chic Cardi that Gail
and I have all made. It's a great pattern.

Sandy spent her summer learning mitred squares and creating this Koigu masterpiece.
Work of art knitting and not for the faint of heart needles.

Gail's neighbour's one-year old son was born with some cranial problems and recently had surgery that opened his skull from side to side. Gail intends to keep his tiny head warm with these.
Gail used the basic hat pattern from this book and now thinks she might work her way through the book, knitting every hat. Quite a challenge as the book claims to have over 600 size, yarn, hat pattern combinations. But - it should help with your 'knit-a-ball-a-day' plans, Gail. After all, it isn't long now until the Knitters Fair.

Seeing all the knitters and getting caught up on their summer activities was fun. Now, when Survivor starts, normal routing will really be established.


freshisle said...

Love the Koigu vest.
Welcome home!

Laurie said...

How nice to see what the knitters are up to once more!