Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today we are happily awaiting the arrival of friends from BC. They are touring Ontario - their pre-retirement stompin' grounds - and lucky for us, have time to spend a few days with Fred and me.

Although Shirl
is a knitter and I do hope to show her off at knit group on Thursday, I have laid aside February Baby,
my summer vest, cast on last night
and the socks.
I imagine we will be too busy yarn-store hopping to allow for much knitting.

You might remember the Vancouver Island yarn-store hopping I did when visiting Jim and Shirl in 2008. This is hubby Jim
He thought it such an endearing strange thing to spend vacation time yarn shopping that he had to take my picture with 'the haul'.

Much of which is still to be knit, I might add. Whether we knit or not, it is wonderful to spend time with friends and I can't wait till the door bell rings.


Laurie said...

Oh gosh! What a happy, wonderful picture! All the yarn you can carry!

Hope your visit with friends is a blast. My best friend will be visiting next month. She lives in NY, and we haven't seen one another in ten years! There will be much hugging, crying, and laughing...and the men will look at us and shake their heads. :-) Can't wait!

Gisella said...

Oh my goodness you are knitting the February Baby project! I saw it on Fridica's blog, and it looks amazing!
The lace is lovely, and that cute little yoke! I must make that soon, question is only who for...