Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ready To Wear

Remember this topper - the Easter 2010 Topper? Easter, again this year, has come and gone, but at last the topper is ready to wear.

I trotted my tootsies into blisters looking for capris or a skirt to match this top. Seems orange isn't a popular colour for clothing manufacturers. Desperation forced the decision and I decide to sew a skirt. Voila! The perfect summer outfit.
As a 'tween' and teen, I sewed all my clothes. Then, as life got busier, off-shore imports got cheaper and knitting more important to me, I let the sewing slide. To occasionally take it up now, is difficult.

My sewing mind still perceives my body as that of a young person. Double checking my measurements before pattern shopping causes me to gasp. Sewing patterns are often sized 'larger' than ready-made clothing and to purchase a size 14 pattern almost gives me chest pains. (No disrespect to full bodied women, but I'm a petite little thing. Or maybe not. That could be my 18 year old brain still living in this 60 something body.)

Then of course there are all the little 'tips' that daily sewing teaches one. Those are long forgotten and the cause of much 'ripping' in this skirt. Thank goodness I still own a seam ripper.

Will viewers be so impressed with colour match that they don't notice my less-than-stellar sewing skills?
First wearing will tell. When I get the nerve.


Laurie said...

Actually, anyone who goes anywhere near a sewing machine has my undying respect. LOL! I like the top...and I think you should come down to Ohio to shop - I've seen several things in the stores that would match perfectly!

Christy J said...

I too was an avid sewer from my teens into my thirties. Similarly, my obsession with knitting and my changing body (nobody likes doing alterations to patterns) have caused me to sew infrequently these last years. My topstitching wobbles now although my seams are still fairly straight. But your skirt looks great with the top, and you may find a renewed interest in sewing.

Needles said...

It looks marvelous and really, the stuff one buys isn't always that well made. If it is, you probably spent a lot of money on it. I love this top. Very pretty and the skirt is jut right.

Anne Campbell said...

That makes a darling outfit! I bet you have lots of fun wearing it. Nobody will see the faults but you.