Friday, June 11, 2010

Is It Thursday?

Time flies when you play tourist in your own backyard. Our B.C. buddies were a good excuse to take a fresh look at the attractions in our area.

One of which, of course, is knit group. As we drove to knit group, Shirl, unsure, I think, of being in a group of women she didn't know, commented that she would come, say 'Hi', then head over to the yarn store to shop. No worries about shy awkward moments with Meaford knitters, though. Once there, Shirl couldn't get away.

Nicki, who hails from B.C., found she and Shirl had some favourite yarn stores in common.

Wilma, just back from her B.C. vacation, shared lots of B.C. stories while showing Shirl the results of her travel knitting.
A cardigan from Button Up Your Top Down, knit in 'Buttons'. Shirl was so inspired by it that when we finally got to the yarn store, she paid Wilma the ultimate compliment. She bought the book and the exact same yarn for her homeward bound, travel knitting.

It was fun for Bonnie to show off her finally-finished, shrug. This was not an easy piece and required much 'stick-to-it-iveness'. Well done, Bonnie.
Doreen displayed one pair of 'scarecrow stockings'. Done.
and Marlene is half way through her second pair.
These stockings will be worn by Junior High students dressed as scarecrows, as they march in the parade.

When we arrived, Pat showed Shirl her latest 'toy' - a one-armed Penguin.

Two-armed, by the time we left.

The rest of the ladies were busy knitting yarn from 'Bag Lady Sue's stash donation. Sharon has 3 felted purses, just waiting for their button closures.

Sandy's started a scarf,

and sister Sandy B, in her best 'neighbour Wilson' pose, showed Shirl her shawl.

Heading for the car at the end of the afternoon, Shirl summed up her Meaford Knit Group experience perfectly. "That was fun". Indeed it was, Shirl.


Vera said...

Thanks for taking a nice picture of Nicki. It's great that you take all your pictures as a big file. That way they are so much nicer to view. I always look forward to your Thursday Blogs ☺

Laurie said...

Wow, what great FOs! I love the talented women you knit with. I'm still trying to find a knitting group niche and am feeling quite a bit like Goldilocks about the whole thing - haven't found the "just right" group.