Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Today, at knit group, I was reminded of something Marie from Sel&Poivre once said about our group. Marie would read about the great quantities of knitting accomplished each week by our knitters and asked if all the yarn in Ontario ran downhill to Meaford. She couldn't imagine otherwise how we managed to knit so much.

Marie will be scratching her head again today, I'm sure.

Wilma is busy with legwarmers.
For grand daughters and daughters. All sizes. Aren't' they cute? It was decided that they make good leg OR arm warmers Whatever part is cold, I guess.

Gail finished this lovely sweater,
knit this Cabin Fever hat,- which by the way she wants the world to know used up one entire ball of her stash -
and is on to Newfie mitts.

Doreen is wearing one hat she finished this week,
while showing off the lovely flower for hat number two.
Hat number three she left at home.

Sharon brought the yarn she purchased at Romni Wools while in Toronto last week.
And Pat, for a little something different knit slippers, not a toy.

Last weekend seemed to have been a 'Meaford Knit Group Goes to Toronto' weekend. Sharon visited her daughters and shopped at Romni, Ingrid and I - although we didn't know the other was there - attended the One Of A Kind show, while Joanne went to a concert at Massey Hall.

Now, Survivor. What will my pal Russell get up to tonight. Notice - he is no longer Mr. Nasty - but now my pal. I am beginning to admire him - still don't like him, but I do give him credit for how cleverly he plays the game. Makes for good TV.

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