Monday, December 14, 2009

Only The Mailman

Thursday, I braved the blowing snow to get to Knit Group. Food was being served - I will brave just about anything. But Friday, the blowing and the snowing was worse. I did not leave the house all day.

Fortunately, for me, the mailman - despite sleet, snow, hail and all those bad-weather items listed in the mailman's creed - did leave his house. And delivered this to my house.

YIPPEE!! Elizabeth Zimmermann's Green Sweater pattern arrived in the mail. Have you heard of this pattern? Originally knit by EZ for a teenage daughter of a family friend, and in sad shape after 50 years of wear. Luckily it fell into the hands of Sunday Holm who although not able to repair it, was able to 'read' it, in order to descipher the pattern.

Schoolhousepress has published the pattern, and bless their hearts has managed to have some of the 'original' wool spun again. Due to overwhelming response, within the few hours that lapsed before I placed my online order, Schoolpress was advising knitters that the yarn was sold out. They suggested alternatives. I placed my pattern order and wonder of wonders, within a day or so, received a message that SHP was able to arrange for more yarn to be spun. They shipped my pattern and will ship the yarn when it's ready.

EZ knit this sweater in the 1950s and the sweater was worn continually for over 50 years by the recipient and then her daughters. Knitting this sweater will be such an amazing knitterly experience.n Lucky for me, I will be using the exact same yarn that EZ used.

The story of the Green Sweater is a knitting story that warms my heart. It is, after all, knitting history. To me, this knit will be so special, that even typing this post, one of those goofy, 'I'm happy as heck' smiles is plastered across my face. I can't wait.


Deb said...

Wow, I can't wait to see this sweater in progress. I read all the stories about it. It looks like it has quite a few different techniques in it. Very interesting.

Unknown said...

Awesome, awesome awesome! Everyone should be "happy as heck". It's a gorgeous, classic cardigan, and what a treat to be using the same yarn! Have a great time!

Nicki said...

I read about this sweater as well. I can't wait to see it! It's lovely!

freshisle said...

I loved the story when I read it, too. I'll be looking forward to seeing yours.