Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just Like Rice Krispie Squares

Last night was Book Club and being December, the club does a Pot Luck dinner. I offered to bring dessert and this year made a new-to-me recipe.
Doesn't that look wonderful? But, so easy it reminds me of those television ads where, before presenting a platter of Rice Krispie Squares, the cook splashes flour on her face to give the appearance of having worked all day in the kitchen.

Last summer at the family reunion, my now-American cousin brought this same dessert.
Both the appearance and taste immediately said 'keeper' to me. I am happy to share the recipe with you for all your Christmas entertaining.

*One Tube - Sugar Cookie dough (In the refrigerator section at the grocery store where they keep Pillsbury Crescent Dinner rolls etc.) I've learned that this product is only available in Canada at Christmas time. All year long in the USA so if you are really desperate for a quick and easy dessert, at any other time of year, you might have to do some cross-border shopping.

*One Tub - Strawberry Cream Cheese

*Various fresh fruit

Roll cookie dough to fit a large circular cookie sheet. Bake as directed on the package.
Let cool. Once cool, spread with cream cheese, then decorate with fruit.

Oh - and don't forget to splash a little flour on your face. Appearances must be kept up.


Christy J said...

That dessert looks so cool. have to try it! And I'll swear the recipe came from a gourmet chef and it took all day to prepare!

Vera said...

That looks very yummy!!! I think I'll make my own sugar cookie dough though :-)It really does look like a keeper!!

LaurieM said...

Hmmm.... I never thought I'd hear a cross-border shopping trip included as part of a "quick and easy" recipe.


Zieknits said...

So beautiful! So easy!

How is it served? Does the cookie cut into wedges without 'sploding?