Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Fits!!

How many blog postings have I titled with those same words? As enjoyable as the knitting process may be, good fit is still the breath-holder. And so special when it happens.

I'm dubbing this one, Winter Sunshine. It's a made-in-winter sweater (well, if you go by the weather, not the calendar) with a bright yellow colour that will bring much needed winter sunshine into my wardrobe.

Winter Sunshine 'Deets'
Machine knit on the LK150. Stitch Dial set at 8.
Two yarns held together - Filati Sydney Superwash Sport Weight and On Line Supersock 100.
both purchased at the 2009 KW Knitters fair. Pretty quick stash busting, eh?
Set in Sleeves.
Fitted Waist.
Deep Vee - meets only at the waist where there will be three buttons.
Pattern - My own. A knock-off 'out and out blatant copy', by me, of Chris Blysma's Fusion.

The sleeve fit is growing on me.
The length is rather 'fetching' and the fit isn't as tight as I first thought it might be.

The sleeve caps are perfect.
Excuse my immodesty, but how often does that happen?

Give me another quiet afternoon or two and the sweater will be ready for it's public debut. Will it be 2009? or 2010?


Nicki said...

Looks great Brenda. I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations in person.

LaurieM said...

Looks great!! The fit is awesome and the sleeve caps are a thing of beauty. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.