Friday, December 18, 2009

In Praise Of Writers

Writing interests me. I like to write, I like to read and I like to talk about writing.

My niece (not newly-legal Katie, but Andrea) just got her first job. She is a reporter for the Shawville Equity in Shawville Quebec. Her first job, her first time living in other than a major city, her first time living in 'la belle province' her first time at - well all that first jobs entail and promise.

And because the job involves writing, writing has been the topic of discussion here at my house and in the family this past week. Writing interests me to the extent (anal extent, some would say) that I keep a little book
labelled "Well-worded phrases I have enjoyed reading."
In the book are some fabulous examples of great - to me, at least- writing.

Like this excerpt from an article written by Susan Kastner, from the Toronto Star, on September 15, 2004 wherein she describes the public dislike of Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel. Susan wrote
"Payback for their penchant for perpetually pulverizing with piquant disregard for precision ...the pusillanimous proletarian push to pulverize a blazing brazen pulchritudinous tall popsy-excuse me - poppy and her portly prolix pilfering partner...

LOL LOL LOL That is writing.

Or this excerpt from an article by Herman Goodden of the London Free Press on March 22, 2006 on becoming an empty nester.
"...some subtle sound in the outer world, and we catch ourselves instinctively expecting a child to come strolling in. Whoops, we think. Those days are now gone and sadness sweeps over our hearts like a cold breeze."

How accurately does that writing describe the feelings of the newly empty-nested?

One doesn't have to be a published writer to impress me. Bloggers are terrific writers. Maybe there are bloggers who were/are published writers, but I imagine that the bloggers I read - all knitting bloggers - are just like me. Interested in knitting and writing, using blogging as their outlet.

Just this week, Ruth Stewart from Knitting On Impulse wrote about her recent time of 'introspective hermitude'. Now that's a descriptive phrase. It's in my book now.

And this week, too, Marie of Sel&Poivre wrote of avoiding the jobs on her 'to-do' list by blog writing. She describes it as " unrelated to the unrelenting." Another terrific phrase that's now in my book.

One phrase that I read somewhere as a young person and have never forgotten concerns the correct use of public washrooms. I think of it when - well, you know when. It read " the germ-free, no-contact squat position that our Mothers all taught us." LOL. Another great phrase in my little book.

Thanks to all who 'write'. Your art gives me much to brighten my day. Andrea, I hope to fill my little book with your well-worded phrases. And thanks to my elementary school teachers who taught me to read.


Vera said...

You are a pretty good writer yourself. I always enjoy your Blog.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness, I am blushing! I hope your book also includes lines from your blog! If it doesn't it should!

Zieknits said...

Here's a bit of writing I like from Alicia Paulson (Posie Gets Cozy blog), speaking of Christmas decorations:

"Why is it that the moment they come up from the basement, it feels like you were just packing them away not five minutes before? The year folds up, and touches corners. . . ."

I LOVE the idea of the year folding up and touching corners!

Merry Christmas, Brenda!