Friday, September 18, 2009

This And That

Wednesday, I asked if readers could guess where I was spending my day. Knitters are smart - or I'm pretty transparent. All guesses were right.

In Collingwood, we have a new yarn store. The Grey Heron. The main focus of the store is clothing, but Karen, the owner, loves all things yarny and has dedicated one room in her store to yarn. Just enough space to give me a one-day-a-week job. Originally, I talked to Karen about working two days a week, but reconsidered. Retirement is very time consuming.

My first day was great fun. I spent time 'dressing' the yarn room with the goal of making it inviting and inspirational to knitters. Yarns got priced, the 'bits of yarn' bargain barrel stocked and mannequins decked out in skeins of yarn. Lots of fondling and feeling. A yarn rep called and Karen graciously let me sit in. Such fun.

On the home front. I forgot to show one little purchase from the fair. A great designer button.

You might remember Nimbus from last spring.
I searched long and hard for a great button for Nimbus. The current fashion of one-button designs require an outstanding button. Not finding one that I liked or that matched, I settled for the one in the photo.

But look what I found at the fair.

Then, yesterday! The lurking danger of knitting in a LYS! I bought these.
The mittens were knit up and on display, in Noro no less. A sure way to get a knitter to break her diet. Fingerless mitts are so perfect for typing or texting, making them a great little gift for the younger crowd.

And this shawl patten
I saw at the fair but foolishly didn't buy. I know - it does have a centre back point, but I like the way it 'collars' itself.

Now my diet starts.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Isn't there a rule that diets are always meant to be started "tomorrow"? (I know mine always do!