Monday, September 28, 2009


What a wonderful weekend we had. Being parents of an artist is great fun. Especially when there is an opening of a show.

Fred and I go to most of Peter's openings. It is a chance for us to get dressed up and be part of a world that is so very different from our norm.

This past weekend, Peter had an opening for a two-artist show
at the gallery that carries his work in Rochester, New York.

Having never been to Rochester and having been years since we had crossed the border, Fred and I suggested to Peter that we tag along.

It was great fun. The city of Rochester seemed lovely and quite historic. The gallery is located in an older apartment building, built around 1910. Very quaint.

The reception went well. Paintings were sold. The wine was great, the appetizers lovely. Two hours in high heels on terrazzo floors was the only negative for me.

Coming home Sunday, we did some cross-border shopping. I didn't feel up to trying on clothes, so headed for the discount shoe store. When we told the border guard that we hadn't been shopping at all, I held my breath that he wouldn't want to search my suitcase. Or look at my feet. Three pairs of new shoes - oh and a pair of winter boots -might have been a dead give-away. But definitely worth the nervous border crossing.

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freshisle said...

Gorgeous paintings. I wonder where his talent comes from???