Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In The Meantime

What's a knitter to do when her last two projects end up in the "I'll never wear this" pile?

Turn to comfort knitting. Knitting that doesn't have such strict fit requirements. Knitting where the design doesn't have to flatter one person only. Knitting that you can do with your eyes closed. Knitting that is straight stockinet. Knitting that will be given away.

If you give knitting away to someone who wants it, then it doesn't have to fit anyone in particular. Or be knit to a particular person's standards. That's the reason, I'm convinced, that many knitter never knit for themselves. It is much easier to just knit. When visitors come, if it fits and they like the design, give it away. The perfect answer to the projects that disappoint.

So what am I knitting? The choice was either socks or a hat. Socks require more of a time commitment and never one to learn a lesson quickly, I'm anxious to get to the next sweater. I chose a hat.
Knit with this lovely little ball of yarn I picked up for $2.
What size am I making? Don't know. Just knitting. Who is the hat for? Don't know. Just knitting.

And thinking about what sweater to knit next.

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