Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesdays, We Wander

This year, I have put my foot down. I tell people that in 42 years of married life, Fred and I have never had a vacation that didn't involve fishing.
He reminds me of our recent trip to BC. So, OK. I lied. In 42 years of married life we have almost never, is what I should have said.

This year, I have requested that on Wednesdays, we wander. Go places. See something that isn't fish related.

Last Wednesday, we were lucky as the trip presented itself to us. Look what we saw.

The Snowbirds - yes those famous Canadian pilots - came to Kapuskasing. Just an hour away. We picked up the grandkids from school and headed over. Charlie joined us after work. The show was outstanding! Ever so noisy. Ever so scary, as they performed stunts that made them appear to come close to crashing into each other. On the ground they look so tiny. But man, can they fly.

And of course there was stuff for kids..

That's James about to take off' in this 'whirly kig' that turns you upside down, over and around. Real puke potential. It was meant to show the kids what the pilots go through in the air.

And of course there were toy airplanes. James and a close up of his plane, with Abi in the background.

Abi with Charlie.

And before the Snowbirds performed, a lone pilot from Alberta, using this plane, strutted his stuff. Unbelievable how they do it. For a finale, he flew at about 20 feet off the ground, upside down, through a ribbon held by four local dignitaries. Very scared local dignitaries I would imagine.

I wonder where we will wander this Wednesday. It will be hard to beat the Snowbirds.

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