Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Travel Attire

Monday, for the drive home, I had intended to wear the orange and blue top I knit.
This one.

The goal, then, was to have the top finished by Monday. Well, Sunday.

Do you recall last week's post that mentioned lengthening the top? And how I said I was lengthening the orange section, not the blue? And remember I commented on how lengthening the blue section was changing the look of the top? And how, strong as I was in knitterly denial, I decided to carry on? Big Mistake!

With what remained of a thinking brain, I was smart enough to pin the front and back sections together, before sewing, to check on fit. Oh, what a fright!

What showed in the magazine photo as a chic, cropped, summer top was now lengthened to a frumpy and dumpy blob. The blue point, meant to be just below the bust, had sunk to near my navel. That put the great expanse of blue ribbing over my belly. The blue section looked like an arrowhead - one badly off target.

So - I sighed and ripped it. Then immediately cast on for a re-do. There was, after all, still time to ge it finished for Monday's drive.

But I hadn't knit much when I realized the fun had faded. Deadlines do that sometimes. An orange time-out was called.

Since then I have been knitting this.
A summer wrap. Knit with stuff from stash.

Not travel attire, just good travel knitting.

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