Monday, June 9, 2008

A Good Fit

Recently, for some bizarre reason, my friends and I have become obsessed with 'a good bra fit.'

Strange, that this obsession hits us now, with most of us in our sixties. A cynic - like a husband, say, - might mutter
" You been wearing one for all these years and you're telling me you don't know what size you take?"

We-l-l, yea. That's it exactly.

Our bodies have changed. Bones have bent. Weight's been gained. Estrogen's been lost. Little wonder we're obsessed about sizing.

This past winter, my obsession took me to one of those trendy little bra boutiques. The type of shop I never feel confrotable in - ever! My 'age & stage' of live confirm that I can shop there, but my brain, stuck in the frugality of early-married years, keeps stammering "Stedmans! Stedmans!"

This particular day, though, the experience was quite pleasant. The clerk, showing great empathy, commiserated with my 'bra-fit' concerns. A couple of hours of gentile bra-fitting later and she was placing my new $46 bra in the cutest little bag.

FORTY SIX DOLLARS! I had never spent so much on a bra in my life. But good bra fit, I was learning, does not come cheap.

A few days later, over coffee, an equally-obsessed friend and I exchanged bra-fitting stories. Her obsession had taken her to a mastectomy boutique. Still fully-endowed, her reasons for bra shopping at a mastectomy boutique were - well, really too complicated to explain.

She was impressed with the knowledgeable staff who provided her with undivided attention. But the price! There was no cute bag and still her bra cost her $142. Holy hooters, batman! Can you say 'lift and separate'? Your money from your wallet that is.

Shocked, I wheezed " Well, do you like the bra?" No, she said. "It's course and uncomfortable. Do you like yours?"

"No" I replied. It feels like a suit of armour."

$188 for bras and what we had was course, uncomfortable, board-like bras. When did the advertising executives decide to pick on the over- sixty crowd?

My next bra, was a WalMart special. $6.96. And I didn't even try it on. And guess what? It fits just fine.

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Vera said...

Brenda, this is too funny LOL
I have done the same thing and ended up with a bra that fits pretty good, $ 49.00 plus tax and I hardly wear it at all!!! I only wear a bra when I leave the house. Its much more comfortable that way :-)
I like your writing style!!
Keep it up.