Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

A full house of knitters  spent today's rainy, sleety hours with their needles.  Nothing wrong with that.

Wilma was in wrap mode today.  Finished, after a bit of a re-do on the picot edging, is her Sundry.
 The pattern she purchased on line and the yarn, she purchased at the KW Knitters Fair.  It is from Shelridge Yarns so it is the softest  soft in the most gorgeous colours.   Wilma says it provides a lovely warm-ness when wrapped around her shoulders.

Worn to the back, shows the great colouring and picot edge of this asymmetrical design.

Worn to the front, and Wilma has a wonderful decorative piece of fibre art for a plain white blouse.

Sundry she brought along for show and tell.  But Fern Kerchief, another nice piece of fibre art,  she was wearing. 
Lightweight, and just plain pretty, Wilma.

Who is this woman without glasses?
Why it's Miss Gail who underwent recent cataract surgery.  With one eye renewed and one yet to be done, Gail finds dizziness an issue.  No counting, no fine yarn or tiny needles.  What keeps her knitting habit fed without dizzy spells is this blanket.  The first of two  dishcloth  'blankies' for her granddaughters.

Carol, despite the stress of nursing a husband who has a new knee,  did a masterful job of matching stripes on the front of this little  Crofter cardigan for her granddaughter.
She said there was some cutting & pasting required to  get those perfect matches.  I bet.

Then she knit some great knee socks for the same little girl  What a treasure to have a little girl in the family who appreciates Grandma's knitting.

Today's colder weather is  the harbinger of winter days to come. The year's best knitting months are about to start.   

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Sel and Poivre said...

I love that idea of the year's best knitting months are about to start! I think so too! That thought each year makes me really look forward to January and February!