Monday, November 4, 2013

Even As I Wrote It...

Friday, when I ended my post with a comment about the wet, rainy weekend we were expecting and the time that might allow  me to commit to knitting, I knew, even as I wrote it,  that it wasn't going to be so.

Last weekend was Poppy weekend in our small town.  The weekend when Legion members stand on the street corners with boxes of poppies and in exchange for a donation to the fund, give out poppies.  Not only am I a Legion member, but this year I am also chair of the Poppy campaign.  Although all time slots were filled and all  supplies on hand, leading one to think all would go smoothly, of course it never does.  Hitch is the operative word.

Hitches coupled with my own poppy duty, time slots, meant that my needles were picked up only about 8 pm, Sunday evening.  Too tired at that point to tackle the cables of Autumn Fair, instead, I knit on my Noro pillow.  All eight squares are now complete, and the border begun. 


The border, though, I think, is not well planned.  It starts with the picking up of stitches around the front side of the pillow.  The directions then say to knit, stockinet stitch  increasing one stitch each side of the corner stitch until the border is 2 inches deep.  Next, sew the border to the  back side of the pillow. 

Wait a minute.  If the front requires starting with fewer stitches then increasing the number of stitches as the border deepens,  why would I sew the great number of stitches to the back side.  Why wouldn't I knit the border to half  it's required depth, then decrease one stitch either side of the corner stitch until the stitches are reduced to the same number as were picked up.  Then sew it to the back side. 

Makes more sense to me, so that is what I will do.  An  improved pillow is what I expect to have.  And those words, I expect to carry weight.

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