Friday, November 8, 2013

Not Your Grandma's Pillow

Two specials FOs this week, have made me ridiculously - as in grinning like a Cheshire cat ridiculously -  pleased.
First up is the mitred pillow.  I like it - a lot.  Fred is so-so about it. 


Pattern: Free Bernat Pattern, called 4 Squared Mitred Pillow.    While you are at that site, take a look at some of the other pillow designs.  Who knew hand-knit pillows could be so cool?  Certainly not this Grandma.

Yarn:  Sorry Mr. Bernat, I used Noro Kureyon. Colour 268. Just over 2 balls.


Mods:  The border instructions didn't make design sense to me, so I did something different.  The instructions said to pick up 45 stitches along each of the 4 edges of one of the pillow covers.  Knit stockinet for 2 inches, increasing one stitch each side of the corner stitch on each row, then cast off.  Sew the border to the other pillow cover.  
But to my way of thinking, that would mean despite having  picked up 45 stitches along each side , I would be trying to sew many more than 45 stitches to the other side, because of all the increases that happened in the two inches of knitting.
So - instead, I did as directed for the first inch, then purled one row to create a sharp edge and make it good for turning.  Then I worked in reverse - that is decreasing one stitch each side of the marker until I was back down to 45 stitches along each edge.  It fit perfectly.

 Comments:  My 4 squares measured 10 inches across before blocking, 12 inches after blocking.  The border added an inch on each side.  A perfect fit for a 14 x 14 pillow form.


The second FO that has me broadly grinning is in this photo, sent to me by the new Grand Parents. 

Baby Jack swaddled - yes that is the only word for it - in the baby blanket knit for him by his Great Aunt Brenda.  The hat I didn't knit. Whoever did  knit it must have thought the baby would be a girl.

At this moment, I imagine there are many of you ridiculously grinnning.  As well you should be.

Have a great weekend everyone.

I feel.  Have a great weekend everyone.




Sandra said...

a picture of an adorable baby in a hand crafted garment or blanket is the best thank you one could receive! He looks so content!
And sorry to Fred, but I love the pillow.

Jan said...

I love the pillow too. :) What a sweet sweet baby!