Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Minion Modelled

Teddy is shown here, modelling my first Minion Hat.

 Since Minions are not part of this senior's world,  I    have no idea if   can claim  either  this hat is perfect, or it is badly skewed. 

It looks like the picture, minus the hair and  mouth yet to come.
But to this knitter's eye, I'd say the black stripe on my Minion is too close to the top. Re-positioning the eye so that the majority of it falls beneath the black stripe would probably look more balanced. I think I will do that.

However those in the Minion know - like my grand kids - probably can tell exactly how the hat should look.  And I expect, kids being kids,  they will let me know.

On to Minion Number Two.


Jan said...

Ok from the senior minion lover here I think it is adorable but yes a tad high. Lowering the eye would probably be a perfect solution. :)

Needles said...

AT the same time, there are some very tall minions.