Monday, November 25, 2013

A Fun Weekend

Fred and I are home, recuperating from a terrific big-city weekend.  Toronto called with  some important missions to fulfill. 

First mission was to see artist son Peter and the  Lady of Spain's new downtown condo.  They purchased  it in September and  moved in about a month ago.  The move, however,  was followed by the discovery of bed bugs - a gift from the previous occupant. As anxious as we were to  see the new digs, we waited until  given the bug-free signal.    That was mission #1.

The weekend was also to be a family gathering.  Dad's express wishes on his death were -'No funeral.  Instead, have a party.'   The plans were for the family to get together at Grossman's  - one of Dad's favourite spots - on Saturday afternoon to listen to The Happy Pals - one of dad's favourite bands.  Mission #2.

And since the whole family was coming, Mission #3 was to see Baby Jack.  18 days old isn't too early to introduce the newest generation to Dixie Land Jazz.  Although Mom and Dad did keep him in the anteroom to protect his little ears from the amplification.

It was great fun and I leave you with some pictures.

Friday afternoon at The Rex.  Friday afternoon, Fred and I did the real city thing and took the street car to see

We were back at the same place for lunch Saturday.  
This time we were there to see Danny Marks. Too bright a day and too much light on Danny to get a good photo.  Sorry, Danny.

The highlight of the day was baby Jack.  They say this can be catching.  A Mom can only hope.

Then there was the entire Southern Ontario part of the family.  

Those glasses make the situation look worse than it is.  The huge crowd always at Grossman's and the weary, eons-old waitress mean service is slow and infrequent.  They never have trouble with inebriated customers.

and The Happy Pals.

Certainly the best celebration of life I've been to.  Great family fun.


Jan said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend to celebrate your Dad!

Sandra said...

looks (and sounds) like you had a blast - what a wonderful way to celebrate a life well lived!