Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Have The Answer

Finished up a pair of socks the other day - and just in time too.

They are standard socks, cuff down, 2x2 ribbed leg with stockinet foot.  64 stitches, 2.5mm needles. Regia sock yarn.

The thing is -  this new pair of socks is knit with the same yarn in almost the same colourway  as I used for the very  first pair of socks I ever knit.

That first pair is getting thin in the sole,
so these new ones come just in time.  When did I knit that first pair?  The exact year, I do not remember.  Definitely, more than eight years ago, but probably less than 15.  A long time ago.

For all those years, come the cooler weather months, I wear my hand-knit socks daily.  With several pairs, I can get through a week before I need to do laundry.  My hand-knit socks, because they are knit with combo sock yarn (part wool, part nylon/polyester) get washed the regular way - in the washing machine, along with other  dirty clothes.  I do spare them the fibre-destroying heat and tumble of the dryer and lay them flat to dry.  Nonetheless, weekly wearings and washing for more than  eight years is a testament to hand knit socks.

Knowing now, the life span of my very first pair of socks, I  have the answer to the question.  The question   non-knitters, or even knitters who are non, sock-knitting knitters ask.
"Why would you spend that much time and money to knit socks when you can buy them at  every- town's,  convenient, giant,  discount retailer for so little?"  The answer is simple.



Sandra said...

that's a testament to Regia - one of the best wearing sock yarns out there. As much as I love the indie dyers, and unique silk blends, there's nothing like Regia. Except Kroy - another great, if under rated sock yarn.
And as much as longevity is a factor is why I knit socks, there are so many more reasons, reasons that so many people (except ot her knitters) will mever understand.

Jan said...

Socks are one the things I really miss knitting!