Friday, November 15, 2013

I Skipped Thursday

I skipped knit group this week.  My apologies to all readers who look forward to seeing  FOs and catching up with the Meaford Magnificents each week.  Especially Nan, now down in Toronto and waiting, I know, for her weekly fix of Meaford Knitters.

I had hoped to get to knit group but instead, this 'king' was in the counting room, counting all the money.  Poppy money that is.

We are lucky enough in our area to have a multi-million dollar business that offers us a day with it's coin counting machine to count our Poppy money.  I cannot imagine the hours  days it might otherwise take to count all that coin.  We did the  job in two hours.  Unfortunately, the two hours they were able to accommodate us was the same two hours as knit group.  Dang!  The responsibilities of being committee chair. 

With the money counted and deposited, my duties are winding down.  Knitting can now recapture it's right-ful, first-place position in my life. There is some knitting news.

The gift I was preparing of tam and potential  scarf   pair of fingerless mittens, is to be a tam only.  Sandra  wisely suggested I weigh the yarn and use half for each mitten.  Great idea Sandra  - if the knitter remembers to weigh BEFORE starting to knit.  At about my 3rd attempt I did, in fact, remember.  I had 36 grams total, weighed off 18 and cast on.  I am here to tell you that 18 grams of DK weight yarn is not enough to make an adult sized fingerless mitt.  So tam and chocolates will be the gift I take to the luncheon.

An idea that did work out for me though was a lucky chance sighting of the Ziggly Zag Hat  -free- pattern on ravelry. 

The pattern calls for one ball and a bit  of Noro Kureyon.  Left over from my Mitred Square pillow, I have exactly one ball and a bit.  How often does fortune smile so brightly? 

The hat is a very easy to follow, mini lace pattern.  Last night,  instead of posting about knit group,I skipped the Thursday thing altogether and started the hat.  

Sorry about skipping Thursday.  Next week, I promise.


Sandra said...

While I do enjoy the Meaford Magnificents, I totally get the idea of saving time like this - lucky to have that business that gives you the time.

Needles said...

While I will miss them, I will get over it. duty first! PS, I love the way that hot looks in the Noro!