Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Thursdays are for Knit Group – and a smart blogger would take her camera. Well, use her camera I should say. I remembered to take mine, but was so busy doing the happy dance because I was back at Knit Group on a Thursday afternoon, that I forgot to take any pictures.

So today, you get just my knitting.

My shawl is finished. It has yet to be blocked, and the fringe needs a trim, but otherwise it is done.

This is my Easy Peasy Wrap pattern. You can find in the post titled "What's Next?" under patterns in the list on the left.

I used stuff from stash in shades of off white. A ‘beiger shade of pale’, to mimic the rock song.

For this shawl, I cast on about 130 stitches. Sorry, that number is close, but I can't remember the exact number. My memory is awash in those rainy days at the trailer. I knit every row using an 8 mm needle. The large needle gives the wrap an open lacey look without the bother of lace knitting. Not that lace knitting is a bother, but this is faster. I kept throwing the wrap on my back and when I was happy with the depth, I cast off.

One little tip – since an elastic cast-off row is very important in this wrap, in the row before the cast off row, I increased one stitch every ten stitches. That gave me 10% (Aren’t I smart?) more stitches for my cast off row. Enough to make it nice and loose.

As others will see me

From the front.

A close up to show the Eyelash’ yarn.

Now, if I can just convince Fred to take me someplace where I will be wearing a little sun dress and then get cooler in the evening, I can ever so casually throw the gorgeous wrap across my shoulders. To 'oohs and aahs', I'm sure.

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