Tuesday, June 3, 2008

At the Ambassadors' Dinner

As promised yesterday, here is the family at the Ambassadors' dinner.
First up - Dad. Concentrating on something on the table. Dad, as you may remember is 87 & 11/12 years old. He chose to wear his hair down and not in a pony tail for the dinner. Perhaps that is the more formal look. Hee Hee

Next up my sister - well, one of my sisters - with Aunt Doris. Not polite to reveal a ladies age, but just so you know, Aunt Doris is older than Dad.
Handsome Hubby. No age revealed here.
And sorry that there are no more individual shots - maybe you are glad about that - here we all are at the table.
The Ambassadors' Dinner. Hopefully, Jesse thought us good family ambassadors.

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Lori said...

Great coverage of the ambassador's dinner Brenda. Thanks. Jesse and his friends have been reading. Maybe you will turn them on to knitting in the process!
Great pictures of your grandkids too! It is fun to read this and keep up with you. Everyone should do it!!