Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Like My Socks Tough

Some knitters wax poetic about soft sock yarn.

Ooooh so sooooft. Ooooh so cushy. They use words like comfy, squishy, heavenly, fluffy. Phrases such as marshmallow-soft, cloud-like.

But me? I like my socks tough. I favour yarns like Regia or the almost-defunct Kroy. I have yet to make a pair of socks without some nylon in the yarn.

I like them tough because they stand up to washing and wearing for years.

Here is my very first pair of socks. Regia yarn. Still going strong after 7 years.
And I have lots of socks made with the colourful Kroy - now discontinued.
That lace deserves a close-up.
I have cotton socks for the warmer weather. But still with nylon. Roughly 37% cotton, 37% wool and 25% nylon.
For heavy socks, I use Briggs & Little Tuffy. Part Nylon
I made a pair of Opal socks once. But it is not my favourite yarn. Too soft.
Elann has a good sock yarn. 75% wool 25% nylon. Tough.
But the toughest yarn has to be the yarn these socks are made of. Why do I say that?
Doing the laundry last week, I sorted the clothes into darks, lights and whites. Everything at my house gets washed in cold water except the whites. For them, I use hot water. And lately because some of my whites are starting to look a bit 'off' I have been putting in a bit of bleach.

These socks went into the 'lights', wash-in-cold-water, pile. Well, one of them did. The other sock ended up in the 'whites' pile Washed in hot water and bleach. Dried in the dryer. Can you tell which sock was tortured? Neither can I. Regia. With wool, cotton and nylon. Tough!

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