Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things Are Getting Better - I Think

Good Thing # 1 - I got my car back today.
It's nice to be a two-car family again, but the bill was astronomical! Who knew tires were so expensive? The tires that came with the van - although when they blow at 57000 K, I'm not sure I'd recommend them - were Goodyear. The garage man (we know each other so well, now, that he calls and says " Hi Brenda. It's Gary" - and I know immediately, it's 'that' Gary.) - said if I chose 'no-name', it would be cheaper.

Let me tell you, cheaper is a relative term. The tire, the rim, a little labour and there went the better part of $400. Think in terms of yarn people. That's one 'honkin' tote of yarn. Yarn that obviously, Brenda will be riding on- not knitting. It's a good thing I had a major yarn crawl in B.C. this spring.

Good Thing #2 Speaking of B.C. yarn, look how well the little summer top 're-do' is coming along.
Back done.
Front started.
It's a quick knit, so if I push it - although with my luck of late, pushing might have dire consequences - I might be wearing this on Canada Day.

Good Thing - I think - #3 My neighbour Sue told me that our mutual neighbour Paul wanted to convert to high speed internet service. Somehow, Bell &%#*@ up the lines and now Paul has NO computer service. Hmmmm. Think I'll call Paul. Maybe I didn't need the new modem after all. In fact, maybe the problem isn't at my house at all.

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