Friday, June 27, 2008

High on High-Speed

That title will get me some interesting spam comments, I'm sure.

But I can take it. I am doing the happy dance
because my high speed is connected once more. Mind you, I had to call and ask when I might expect the repair to be done. 5 minutes on hold and the Tecky told me that Bell had done something at their end and things should be working. Happy Happy.

I think there is some economic theory that states "what starts as nice-to-have becomes need-to-have very quickly. True for me with high speed, that's for sure.

And this too is making me happy.
Three men in my front yard. Fred, the contractor and the cement guy. Pouring our new front sidewalk. The contractor ordered the cement,and I am intrigued by the company name.
Body parts in my sidewalk? Hee Hee. That's a joke I didn't tell the guys. I'm not that blonde. The name is from the town Flesherton. Home to the concrete company.

And oh yah. Knitting. Here is the front of the summer top re-do. Getting there. Think Canada Day.

Happy. Happy. Happy. Knitting's getting done. High speed is back. Does it get any better?


Anonymous said...

What a cute contractor! Can I get his number? I have a few jobs for him. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that I might be seeing a halo on the image in the mirror.