Friday, June 20, 2008

My Wrap Has fans

My wrap was a hit, yesterday, at Knit Group.

The first wrap I made, a Christmasy one, was a hit too when I wore it for last year's Knit Group Christmas party.
Check out the 12 inch fringe. It's the type of wardrobe item that gives the everyday black turtleneck great 'WOW' factor. And things like that can make for a much less stressful Christmas season.

The group is now so enamored with the Easy Peasy Wrap that they have decided to collect Christmasy yarns over the summer and fall to do a Christmas 'Easy Peasy' Wrap Knit-a-Long in the late fall. I guess that will be called a CEPW KAL

It will be embarrassing when they discover how simple, easy and quick they are to do. So far, I think I have them fooled into thinking that something so gorgeous must be hard to do. Which of course is a great trick for any knitter to know. And I'm not saying they aren't creative. They are. And I'm not saying they're not beautiful. They are. But dead easy too.

Shhh - until the CEPW KAL, it's our secret.

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

But I want to know how to make it NOW! Hang on, I'm sure you mentioned EZ in your profile, and how simple it really is to work things out for yourself (or something like that). OK, OK, I think I can see how you did it now. I think...