Monday, June 2, 2008

Jesse's Big Night.

A few days back, I blogged about attending a special dinner at a swanky restaurant. The dinner was the highpoint of a three day visit by foreign ambassadors, or their representatives, to nephew Jesse's home town.

As amazing as that seems - that Ambassadors have the time or inclination to pay a three day visit to a small Southern Ontario town, the really amazing part is that the entire visit was coordinated by a group of grade nine students.

Nine students, selected by the principal to be in a special class and to work on this project for the entire year. And they did it all. From initial contacts with the ambassadors' offices to transportation. From accommodation to meals. From fund raising to local farm tours. What an amazing group of kids.

Here is the entire class. Jesse is the handsome guy in the bright blue shirt.
Proudly displaying his new binder. Is that what the young folks call them these days?

And look who we met.
The representative from Slovakia.

The group from Barbados

Handsome hubby and brother-in-law with the representative from Zimbabwe
The young twosome from Finland. They spoke perfect English and were just delightful. I told them I wanted their picture for my Finnish friend Shirl from BC. They were puzzled that you lived in BC, Shirl, because as they said, "There are many Fins around Thunder Bay." Hee Hee. Someone trained them well.

An no less important were my family - all dressed in their finest. You will see them tomorrow.

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