Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Own Bed

The past two nights I have slept in my own bed. It feels great.

As much as I love my Grand kids
and spending time with them at the trailer, and as much as I surprised myself by being a Trailer Park Queen and loving all 200 square feet of my trailer,
I don't love cold weather in June. I don't love day-after-day of rain. And I don't love Black Flies. ( I really don't 'know why I dignify those words with capital letters.)

All of this makes me sound as if I'm not a good Canadian.

It's not as if the weather at home was great while we were away. The neighbours tell us we had lots of rain and cool temperatures here too. But let me tell you. A few days of rain in your home - that's one thing. But days of rain in a trailer - a completely different thing.

So, it's good to be home.

Back Yard

With patio

Front yard.

Home Sweet Home

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