Monday, May 11, 2015

This And That

As a soap opera might begin -
 "When last we heard from Brenda, she was about to depart for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival", so begins  today's  blog post.

Maryland, a two day festival took us - well me, Lynn was home in 5  - 6 days  to travel, attend and return  home.  Not to mention the still-ongoing recovery time.  Pulling  a trailer full of yarn, books,  booth shelving and lighting makes it a slow drive.   We take two days for an easy drive down to West Friendship, outside of Baltimore and a day and a bit for a more intense drive home. The show was great.  More attendees and looser wallets than last year. A happy time for Shelridge Yarns

Home since last Tuesday, I have had a busy time here as well.  Knitting with my Ladies With Balls on Wednesday and the Meaford Knit Group on Thursday.  A library-sponsored Mothers' Day Tea on Friday, a Jennifer Potter Concert on Saturday and a collapse day on Sunday. 

I leave you with a pictorial of the events.
 Flowering trees in Maryland

 Lyn's  tiny bag of potato chips

 Our booth, ready for opening day.  

Festival Sights - sorry Needles - I didn't get out of our booth until 3:30 Sunday afternoon and by that time had completely forgotten to look up your friends.
 Our booth neighbours and their CanCan-like  feet display, ready for hand knit socks.

 A weaving demo.

 Bags of fleece going home with a happy customer.


And Knit Group
 Carol's funky & fun, 3 scarf sweater.  


 Sandy's Color Affection.  Or is that Affliction, Sandy?

 Sharon's lesson in Three Needle Bind  Off

 Doreen's great braided necklace.  
Another great use for the loopy yarn.  She had spent the morning at the school teaching 7 and 8 year old children how to make these necklaces.

Tomorrow, the returning saga of "Did Brenda knit?"


Needles said...

What a wonderful photo essay! Almost like being there!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love Lyn's little 'tater chip snack and her Lager beverage stash behind her too! LOL.