Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sheer, Near Completion

After my Fern Poncho came off the needles,  I returned to knitting Sheer Panel Top.  It had been  almost ready to come off the needles when I set it down to start Fern for my car knitting  during the drive to Hearst last weekend.  Sheer had only the   front neck shaping to  finish,  which didn't take long. 

Last night, I pinned it to the blocking board and steamed it into submission and perfect shape/size. 
Well, almost.  Since I had already seamed the shoulders it was too long to fit all of it on the board at once.  But three-quarters of it was tamed.  This morning, the untamed portion is getting its turn on the board. 

Seaming tonight,  wearing tomorrow.  Imagine!  Two new FOs, two new wardrobe items to wear in one week.  Such choices!

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