Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

November we had snowy, windy, can't-get-to-knit-group weather.  December gave us  balmy, temperate climes and green grass.  Today we were back to 'will-the-weather- keep-me-from-knit-group'  weather.  Not me.  I was there. What we lacked in numbers today, we made up for in enthusiasm. 

Sharon showed us this cute little poncho.

Knit to fit an American Doll, and to be gifted to one of the special little girls who came into Sharon's life in 2014.  It even has a matching head band.
American Doll seems to be a much easier size to knit for than the minuscule Barbie.

And of course, a little personal knitting never goes astray. 
This hat is knit with an Alpaca Mohair combo that Sharon purchased from an Alpaca farmer on her last trip to Alberta.

Gail is working on another bulky cowl. 
Thought the pattern calls for 15mm needles, Gail is using size 9.  Much easier on the hands, she says, not to mention that the smaller needle  makes a smaller cowl that lies more snugly around the neck.  Something to be appreciated on a day like today.   Can you hurry and finish that please, Gail?

Lorrie brought us a walk down memory lane today.  Old - really old, look at the price -  Canadian Living magazines she came across when doing some cleaning out.

Although I don't have a picture to show you, when leaving the library today, I noticed that Lori the Librarian was wearing a hat.  
"Did you get a new hat for Christmas, Lori?" I joked.
"No', she said, "It is wear your hat to work day."  
Hmm.  Really?  I hadn't heard about that.  
"We are wearing our hats at work today as an officeial protest against the weather," she said.  
 I hear 'ya, Lori, I hear 'ya.


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