Friday, January 16, 2015

Fifteen's First Finish Object

Well, I am pretty pleased with myself.  Mid January and yesterday, I wore my first, finished knitting piece of 2015.  That must be a record.
Pattern:  Self Designed.  Inspired by these two differrent pieces seen on ravelry.   This - The Ophelia Vest  and  this, the one-piece sideways vest.

Needles: 5mm for the body.  4 1/2 mm for the first and last garter sections.  This vest, knit side to side, these two garter sections form the start and finish trim.  I thought they might be more supportive knit in a smaller needle size.

Yarn:  Lettt Lopi in a pinkish colour.  Because Nicki always tells me - my green wardrobe needs a refresher.
What I did:  I knit stripes of garter ridges and Yarn Over Knit Two Together,  stockinet sections.  The garter section has 4 ridges, the stockinet section is 6 rows deep with the yarn over row being  row three.

I planned the vest to have an off-centre closing and to have no separate trims.  I thought the pattern, with its garter ridges would be trim enough  in and of itself.  And it was - along the armholes, at the bottom and everywhere except across the top of the fronts.  They didn't hold themselves in place at all.  Instead of crossing above the bust as you see the improved product doing here,
they fell below the bust. Bringing to mind the teenage bra description of 'over the shoulder boulder holder'.  Or in my case -  pebble holder.  Either way, not an attractive look.  So I added, across the top of each the left and right fronts, an inch of horizontal garter.
That seems to have done the trick.

The vest  is warm but lightweight.  It is colourful but not green.  I like it.


LynS said...

As I swelter in our summer heat and humidity I am so envious of your knitting productivity. Did you enjoy knitting with the Lett Lopi?

Needles said...

I love the way this turned out! You need more red!

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Great looking vest. I love the off-set opening.

Anonymous said...

Niiice! and the colour looks great too! Belated Happy Birthday, Brenda!
~ Gina