Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I've Been Robbed

My missing knitting bag is proof positive that I not am always the fastest to catch onto what is happening around me.  

Home on December 29th  from our Christmas travels, I discovered my knitting bag was missing.  Thinking through where I had been knitting over those travel days, I concluded that I had left my bag at Number Two son's condo in Toronto.  Unfortunately, he was out of the country until January 8th.

January 9th he called to tell me about his trip and I asked if he had seen my knitting bag sitting where I presumed I had left it - on the floor in the corner of the condo living room.
"I didn't notice it" he said.  "But then we got in at midnight and went straight to bed and I am at work already this morning. I'll check tonight."

The message later that day confirmed that there was no knitting bag in the condo.  Anywhere.

I had to re-think  where it might be.  The fact that none of the relatives had emailed to tell me I had left my bag at their homes, confirmed my memory.  I remembered that the only places  on our tour where I was knitting, was in the car  on the way to  Peter's condo, then,  while at  Peter's condo.

Then I remembered something.  When ready to leave Toronto, I opened the passenger side door of the van to see the contents of the glove compartment sitting on the front seat.
"Someone has been in the car," I said to Fred.   "I thought you locked it."
"I thought I had," replied Fred.  That made us laugh.  How old are we getting that we think we have locked the car but really didn't?  Something I remember Fred's parents doing on the way to Florida one year - and they were REALLY old at the time.

How old are we, really, when the only thing in the glove compartment is the car manual and a cheap $6 phone charger?  Obviously way too old to entice a savvy Toronto thief  as  both items were left on the front seat.  With no damage done to the van, we chuckled  all the way to our next Christmas visit, thinking ourselves quite clever to have outsmarted a thief - even if unknowingly.

But.  My knitting bag is missing.  If I had not taken it into the condo, I must have left it between the two front seats, where it had been placed when we packed the van for the trip.  And that savvy Toronto car thief took it.    Two kits of Knit Picks interchangeable needles.  One kit of multi-sized, Knit Picks sock needles.  A lovely satin case containing every size double pointed needle I own.  Plus a hand-woven case given to me as a gift by Sharon, containing all my accessories.   Scissors, darning needles, tape measures - well you  know what all is in  a kntiters' accessory bag. Not to mention that the knitting bag was purchased from the long-defunct Knitting Guild of Canada and therefore irreplaceable.

The only chuckle to be had now is the one I am having when imagining the look of incredulity on  the thief's face when the bag's contents were examined in the light of day.    Perhaps he/she will start to  spend their spare time in different - more woolly ways.


Vera said...

OMG Brenda, that is a big loss. I know since I just purchased a bunch of needles.one silver liming....you did not know it when you were in Toronto so it xid not spoil your time there. I feel your pain :-(

Sel and Poivre said...

You're the second blogger I've visited today with a tool kit loss!

The other was at a Yarn conference though - whoever ended up with hers probably wanted it!

Downtown, from a parked car one might imagine whoever took yours was troubled/hungry/needy etc. and had no idea what the bag contained whereas its really a creepy violation to imagine another knitter taking off with a tool kit they know would be of special value to whoever it belonged to!

Still 'very sorry to hear the news your forgotten articles are gone for good!

kayT said...

So sorry for your loss! At least from the sound of it you didn't have a half-knitted project in the bag. If someone stole the sweater I'm currently knitting (stranded color work in fingering weight on size one needles) I would lose my marbles. And on the bright side: you get to buy new stuff. Also check your homeowners' policy; you might have some insurance coverage.

Needles said...

I worry about this. sometimes. Now I will worry about it even more. Of course I will still leave the bag and go in to places with my wallet, but I will worry more.