Friday, January 16, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group 2015

A day late.  Sorry. But I have a good excuse.  Yesterday was my birthday and after knit group, Fred took me out to dinner.  Yep. The 2-for-1 hamburger special at a local 'been there forever' restaurant.  Wilma's husband's birthday is the same day as mine, so they joined us for dinner.  Last of the big time spenders, the four of us. But we had fun.

Back to knit group.  Gail brought a suitcase of knits to knit group yesterday.  You can tell how she has been spending her snowy days.  First she showed me this great bulky cowl.  4 rows of knit followed by 4 rows of purl.

Then she showed me this great hat.  For a purple-loving grand daughter.  Such a great pom pom on the top of this hat.

Next up was another purple item.

And just look at the entire pile. Lots of hats and a little American Doll poncho and hat.

Wilma has been using up stash and doing some charity knitting.  Crocheting lap-ghans for the nursing home. These are two  she completed since Christmas.  She seems quite somber thinking about them.

We told her not to get used to the look.  She is much too young.

Jean has been working on My Valentine

An Elizabeth McCarten design published by Cabin Fever.  I have this pattern and it has long been in my mental queue.  Jean's version has inspired me.  It might have to be a next up  -  or at least a soon up.

A day late and perhaps a dollar short as the saying goes.  But still lots of inspiration at knit group yesterday.

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