Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group.

A week away from knit group for March Break and Grand Kids and WOW!  What a  lot of knitting was done.

Wilma has almost completed the body of her original Olympic project.
Until a shoulder injury sidelined her, she intended to knit The Sarah from Button Up Your Top Down. as her Olympic project.    Instead, she nursed her shoulder while knitting a much smaller sweater. With the shoulder now healed, she  is back to The Sarah and  her normal productivity levels.

Sharon had Easter - and I'm sure better weather on her mind  - when she knit these   two, cute, little Easter bunnies.

Lorrie is back from her winter  away.   Keeping in  touch with us via our ravelry group and this blog, she decided to participate in our Olympic challenge from Arizona and Florida.  The challenge was a top-down sweater.
Cute as can be Lorrie, meaning another medal winner in our group.

With yarn left over, she decided to knit a second sweater, incorporating lace - another first for her.  Well done!

Deanna is having fun today.  Playing with yarn.  Well, really.  Who wouldn't have fun doing that?

Sandy B finished  THE  cutest baby hat today.  Mitered squares - Sandy's favourite knitting - in a baby hat. Beyond cute, Sandy.

Grand  kids are wonderful - wonderful enough to make me miss  knit group.  But a Thursday without grand kids means I'm at knit group.  Who would want to miss all this activity?


Anonymous said...

I feel like I am there at the table working away and enjoying the time . What lovely top down sweaters!

Needles said...

What spell check? You mean we have spell check on blogger? hahaha.

Hello to all the Thursday ladies. I did love to knit the 198 yards of heaven. It felt like I was knitting music, that lovely repetitive rhythm of it. I have no clue if it read clearly. May hands just seemed to know what to do, so I never felt like I read the pattern.