Monday, March 17, 2014

New Socks.

March Break is over.  The grand kids have gone home, leaving an extremely tired Grandma.  It is nice to see them come - and every grand parent knows how to finish that sentence.

I was lucky enough, despite the mega activity around here, to find some quiet/knitting time to finish item number four  for 2014 - a pair of much-needed socks. 
Freckles everywhere!
After finishing the book Need A Sock?   I took a hiatus from sock knitting  with the result that all of a sudden, many of my socks are coming to the end of their life expectancy.  I don't own any commercially made socks.  Nor do I want to.  So, the threat of being sockless was real and it  pointed me  to my sock yarn stash. 

Pattern:  Basic Sock  from Need A Sock?
Needles:  2.25mm
Stitches Cast On:  I wear a 7.5 - 8 ladies shoe and cast on 64 stitches. If I were using a larger needle - say a 2.75mm - I would have cast on only 60 stitiches.  The 2.25mm needle gives a nice, tightly-knit, long-wearing sock but I need a few more stitiches with the smaller needle.
Yarn:  Kroy Navy Blue, supplemented by Lady Galt Kroy when my stash ran out.  Thanks, Sandra, plus a bit of brand-name-long-forgotten variegated left over from my Linen Stitch Scarf.
Cuff:  2 X 2 Ribbing
Heel:  Round Heel.
Toe:    Round Toe.

I love Kroy sock yarn.    Some knitters rave over Mm-mm-mm soft, sock yarn, but considering the hours I put into the knititng,  give me tough and long-wearing any day.  This pair is warm and cozy and make a great addition to my sock drawer.



Sigrun said...

All my handknit socks have been reinforced, darned, and re-darned--some of them even have duplicate stitches and knit patches. Next resurrection for these "work socks" is knitting in new feet--the tops aren't worn out. With that end in mind, I picked up either matching yarn when that was available, or solid-colored co-ordinating yarn (good thing my oldest socks were made from 50g balls, so I figure 1 ball will knit the feet, since 2 balls were just right for the socks. I have enough little balls left to maybe go back to the original color for the toes.

Jan said...

Love them!

Vera said...

Knitting socks is all I knit now. Not enough patience for bigger things. I knit mine toe up, that way I weigh the yarn and make a sock long enough until half the yarn is gone :-). I love Kroy too.

Sandra said...

Nice looking sock drawer - I'm glad my long neglected Kroy has found such a happy home!