Monday, March 31, 2014

Thinkin' Spring

It has been a very long and fierce winter here, as it has been  in many other locales.  During January and February - I loved it. A good old fashioned winter.  Lots of 'can't go anywhere' days that meant  quiet times for  knitting and reading.  Lucky for us we not only don't have to drive to work anymore but we can also  walk to most amenities  in our village.  So, contrary to many, I enjoyed the winter.  But tomorrow is April 1 and I think that is a bit too late to still be winter.  I am thinkin' spring. 

Apparently so are a few other knitters.  Look at the spring colours posted by some of my ravelry friends.

A cotton cowl in spring colours -
More spring socks -
A spring coloured tunic -

And then the magazine I treated myself to on the weekend talks about Spring on the cover and features these spring-like  patterns.

But the most telling sign of them all, the sign that really has me thinkin' spring  - Curlerchick is wearing flip flops. 

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Sandra said...

I've put them on - the challenge is going to be keeping them on...