Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One Thing Leads To Another

I have passed through  that gate that  calls people my age  'seniors'.   My years are golden. I've been married for a long time and have cooked in many a kitchen.  But never have I ever had a back splash.

Behind my sink(s) and counter(s)  I have painted,  wall papered and faux tiled.  Never though,  have I ever had a back splash.  But enough is enough and I wanted one.  Fortunately for me, Fred gives me little argument on those 'I wants'...  He has learned, I think, all those axioms that keep marriages happy.  "Happy wife, happy life.  Or,   'If Mama's not happy,  nobody's happy'.  Or as our minister once said "Gentlemen, you can be right or you can be married, but you cannot be both".  Whatever the reason, if I present my point of view with calm sanity, Fred usually sees things my way. 

So  a new back splash it was to be.  But then I got thinking.  Our counter top was 8 years old.  It was the  type with a lip that climbed the wall for a few inches.  If we put in a new backspash and in a few years time wanted to upgrade to a newer-style counter top minus the back lip, then the back splash would have to be replaced.  Wouldn't that be silly?  So -  a new back splash and new counter top it was to be. 

But then I got thinking.  Our appliances were about ten years old.  If we were to put in a new  counter top and then our appliances died, what would happen if the new appliances didn't fit in the existing openings?  We would have to put in another new counter top.  Wouldn't that be silly?  So  - a new back splash, new counter top and new appliances it was to be. 

But once in, the old - and I thought very spicy -  red walls didn't look so good.  A decorator was called and  a change of colour was prescribed.    Fred and I have always done our own painting.  Even enjoyed doing our own painting.  But it has been 8 years since we have painted and we wondered if being 'golden' meant maybe we were too old to do it ourselves.  To prone to some disaster.  A painter was called and he assured us we could do it ourselves. That  assurance came in the form of  his quote. 

Yesterday we tackled the painting.  The last thing to be done to 'tart' up our kitchen.  Todays paints go on easily, dry quickly.  Even over hot & spicy red, with a tinted primer, we only needed one coat.  Today we are done.  This is Fred with his victory sign.

Here I give you the before to after.

 Measuring for the new counter top with a laser.  See the nice, spicy red?

 Installation of the new, quartz counter top.

 Counter top installed and waiting for glue to dry.  Still the red walls.

 Couldn't keep the old sink and faucet.  Wouldn't that be silly?

 Finished.  Fred looks for places that need a paint touch up.

One thing led to another.  New appliances.  New sink.  New faucet.  New counter tops.  And my very first back splash. Mama's happy.


Vera said...

Great thought process there, Brenda! What's next? The living room or maybe bathroom?

Sigrun said...

Beautiful outcome. that re-decorating is a slippery slope☺

Yarn and Ivories said...

Fantastic! That's the way to do it...and it's definitely right thinking!

Sandra said...

Fabulous! I can't show tis to my husband - we are looking at a new backsplash, and now I can see new counters, (love your quartz!), appliances and paint.
It's a slippery slope...

Needles said...

Oh I loved this post. We used to joke about going for supplies early on Sunday morning and calling the store the church of the unholy renovators. So many good memories.

Jan said...

Awesome makeover!