Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursdays Are For knit Group

Christmas Party Number one for knit group.  Yep - there are usually two.  Today we had a pot luck at Sandy's house.  Next week there will be goodies at the library.

 Sandy B lives in a beautiful, old, Victorian home  just a block from the library.  With all her space, she is the perfect candidate to host our get-togethers. 

Look who is  here!  Meghan.  Meghan, married to the Australian reciter of poetry.  It is wonderful to have you back in Meaford, Meghan.

Nan and Sandy - intent on yarn.   No surprise there.

Ruth, we haven't seen lately.  But offer them food and they all come.

Isn't this a dining room?

That's a sleeve Carol is showing to Sharon.  One honkin' big sleeve.

Lorrie starts a shawl and Nan's socks pose for the camera.

Three knitting lovlies.

We haven't seen Doreen all fall, but were so glad you could make it out today, Doreen. 

One fine group of knitters.
A Currier & Ives day.  Snow. A big, old, but wonderfully cozy,  Victorian home.  Ladies, food and  knitting.  It transcends the ages.  Such times I wish for all knitters.

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Needles said...

Merry Christmas to all the lovely Meadford ladies!